Mivukoni Water Project

Solid Source partners with The 410 Bridge in Kenya with the mission of creating leadership within a community and fostering a spirit of personal responsibility for the people.  In the village of Mivukoni with a population of over 5,000, women and children previously walked over 3 miles each way to dig into a riverbed for contaminated water. Solid Source provided funding to drill a well that produces clean water for the village.  The time saved by having water in the village allows children to attend school and women to cultivate crops and work on micro-enterprise and community growth.

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“Solid Source is more than a business... It’s a family of professionals dedicated to making an impact in the lives of people here and around the world.  We’ve had the privilege of partnering with Solid Source Realty to impact the lives of thousands of people in Africa by providing access to life saving water and investing into the development of next generation leaders. Their passion to be a force for good in the world is truly inspiring!”


James Ward, Director International Programs

410 Bridge



Mivukoni Greenhouse

Mivukoni is an arid, isolated community.  During the dry season, months pass between rainstorms making crops very difficult to maintain and keep alive.  The greenhouse project allows farmers to learn how to cultivate crops that will increase their yields and ensure year-round income, even during the dry season.


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