Uganda - Picture Bible

After visiting Africa, it became glaringly obvious that in the exiting culture, women may never have felt what it is like to feel adored and loved unconditionally. The opportunity to help these beautiful ladies grow in their walk with God led to the creation of a Picture Bible depicting the life of Christ and His love towards all people.

Luganda Solar-Power Audio Bible

There are over 8 million who speak the Luganda language in Uganda and surrounding areas and the majority of them are not able to read.  This revelation began an exciting endeavor with Davar Partners to translate the entire Bible into the Luganda language and recorded onto an audio device that is solar powered.  Once completed, the easy to use devices were delivered to villages throughout Uganda and incredible stories have been shared of God’s Word working in the lives of many.

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"The amount of time, energy and resources SSR has poured into our

non-profit has enabled us to achieve our goals and change the lives of hundreds of families in Uganda faster than we could have ever expected. "


Scott Bowen | Executive Director

Champions United

Soccer Fields - Uganda

Because many boys in Africa grow up without a father, the mentorship of important principles that govern life may never be taught.  Champions United proposed the idea of mentoring young men through the popular medium of soccer and its growth and impact has been incredible.  Solid Source has participated in constructing soccer fields in key locations throughout the city that allow coaches to give love and guidance as they help to shape young men to lead in the future of their country.

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Before and After pictures of one the first Solid Source soccer fields

Leadership House - Uganda

The leadership house was created to help house and train the leadership structure for Champions United and is located at Solid Source Field.  This soccer field was built with sustainability in mind as professional teams from the region now rent practice and playing time which helps fund the future of the ministry.


Before and After pictures of Solid Source missions house.

Camp Highland - Kenya

Camp Highland, located in North Georgia, is a unique model that reinforces principles such as faith, hope and love through hands on outdoor experiences.  Solid Source partnered with Camp Highland to build a learning center in Kenya. The results have been amazing and have had a profound effect on the children and adults in the surrounding villages.  It is wonderful to see and hear what God is doing in the lives of children in a third world country through the Camp Highland model.


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